Vision of Hope
The official web site of the Vision of Hope campaign. Each year more than 651,500 of our nation’s children experience the devastation of sexual abuse. Vision of Hope is a national campaign working to protect – and restore – the hopes and dreams of our children. Click here to learn how you can invest in hopeful solutions.

 Men Against Sexual Violence
In order to successfully change societal attitudes, rape can no longer be seen as solely a “woman’s issue,” but an issue that affects both sexes. Men Against Sexual Violence (MASV) is a campaign developed by PCAR as a way to actively engage men in working together with women to eliminate sexual violence. MASV asks men to personally pledge to never commit, condone, or remain silent about sexual violence, and to use their resources to support change. Together, men and women have the power to collectively end rape.

Based upon PCAR’s teen sexual violence prevention campaign, this site allows visitors to listen to clips from the Xpose CD, read excerpts of the TEENesteem magazine, test their knowledge of sexual violence, learn what to do if victimized, and find out how to advocate for change.

Teens Think What?
When it comes to sexual violence, our kids+ are confused and wise beyond their years all at once. It's a tough subject, but teen’s need their parents help to get the facts straight. This site provides information and tips on how parents can respond.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center
The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) website, a project of PCAR, is a vital national center for information, resources and research related to all aspects of sexual violence. With a large and growing library of resources, the NSVRC responds to requests for information and provides customized, relevant, and helpful information. Contact the NSVRC toll free at 877-739-3895.

It's an Outrage!
This site features current news articles about sexual violence. Allow the stories to fuel your outrage; then turn your outrage into action to end sexual violence!

Give a Daisy
Help grow the solution! Learn how you can help create a world without sexual violence.

One Child's Story of Sexual Abuse

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape

What is the HERO Project?

HERO, a project of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, is a community-based, media-driven, child sexual abuse prevention program designed to educate and motivate adult community members to call the 24-hour HERO Hotline if they suspect child sexual abuse. Learn More about how to step in and stop abuse